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Not often I am asking for something not on my behalf; today is the day.
Several days already we all are watching the outcomes of the biggest natural and technogenic disaster within the last decades.
We are all usual to the situation, where in third world countries a relatively small earthquake could ruin thousands of lives and devastate the old petroleum and chemical plants, built yet by the British during the 19th century.
Such cases, which indeed happen from time to time, just make one shake his head, not more. But here, the nature doesn’t make difference between black and white, Muslim and Christian, wealthy and poor… What we observe now is an international-grade disaster, such a disaster one would never believe could happen in one of the wealthiest and most developed countries in the world.

Probably, you just sit in your comfortable chair against your computer screen while reading this message, whilst thousands and thousands of civilized people, ones like you exactly, have lost everything within a moment – their house, their city, their families, their memories… Just these moments, they are somewhere there, shaking from cold, sitting between ruins, dead bodies, and under nuclear disaster threat…
They desperately need help.

You can help them by on-line donation to Japanese Red Cross organization via Google Checkout.
Nobody can be insured against a natural disaster of such kind, and I deeply believe that either one of us would be very happy to get some help, should he been hit by such a thing himself.

What 10 or 100 dollars could mean for you? Another lunch? One more pair of shoes? For somebody it could be another package of antibiotics or a warm cloth. If anyone of us makes a small effort, the result would be very significant.

So, I am asking you now: even if you cannot make this effort, please pass it over, and make a good thing – maybe somebody else could help too…
Because it doesn’t matter how strong you are, sometimes you may need help.
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